Squirrel removal

Waterloo wildlife has a team of experts focused on the removal of squirrels from your house or commercial workplace. While squirrels are harmless in their natural habitat, they could wreak havoc once in an urban setup. This is partly because of the fear that they might feel. There are also many health hazards associated with the infestation by squirrels. The main reason they might invade your home could be related to finding food for themselves and also a warm shelter during the cold weather.

We are well-versed in removing the unwanted squirrels that might have invaded your home and know the accurate techniques to complete the removal process. Our experts always focus on making sure that the procedures are conducted safely, without any damage done to your home and your surroundings.

How can we help?

For every client need is different, we have a range of different services suited to each client need. If you would like our squirrel removal services, we can help by coming in and assessing the job at hand and then getting started with the removal process. The methods we follow include:

  • Helping you identify the points in your home from where the squirrels might be entering your place.
  • Once the entry points have been identified, they need to be blocked in order to prevent any attacks in the future.
  • We then set our traps in order to catch any squirrels in your home, including assessing all of the hideouts carefully.
  • Once we have made sure your home is squirrel free, we will release them in their natural habitat, far from your home.