Waterloo Wildlife specializes in wildlife removal services for home and business owners in the waterloo region. Over the years, our team has provided extraordinary services when it comes to animal/bird control in your vicinity. We have experienced professionals who make it their job to oversee the entire wildlife removal process and also ensure any threats from dangerous animals are taken care of in a humane and animal-friendly manner.

Why Waterloo Wildlife?

At Waterloo Wildlife, we employ the best talent when it comes to pest and animal control. Our team of experienced professionals have years of experience. For each of our clients, we have a customized procedure that helps us take care of the job at hand. Apart from handling the animal infestation issue, our trained individuals will also help to make sure that there aren’t any future infestations of the animals/pests.

Our mission

An intrusion by animals such as raccoons and mice are a common phenomenon in a number of places. However, given the trouble that one has to bear in such a situation, it makes sense to take the incident into account and get help as soon as possible. The rodents are known to have millions of infection causing germs and ignoring their presence could lead to life threatening diseases for you and your family.

We aim to rid your surrounding environment from these persistent rodents and do it in a manner that is animal-friendly and safe at the same time.