Raccoon removal

Raccoons can be very dangerous when they invade the urban populated areas. Once inside, they can be seen hiding inside the attics and wreaking havoc in your house. They are known to make holes in the walls and ceilings and also rip up the air-ducts that can be found in the attics. Raccoons also cause damage to the pipes in and around your house, leaving behind poop all over the place.

Having served the Waterloo region for a long time, we know the exact places that raccoons hide in and how to handle the removal process in case of an unwanted invasion. We use professional tools which make it easy to catch the raccoons and move them to their natural habitat.

How can we help?

In order to deal with the raccoon removal, we generally use a host of measures to make sure your home is safe and without any damage.

  • We thoroughly inspect all of the house surroundings to identify the entry/exit points in your house, such as the attic wall, ceiling and holes in the corners.
  • We then carry them away to release them in rural, natural habitats, where they are well suited.