How can you protect your roof from damage by animals such as skunks, squirrels and raccoons?

A major part of your house structure is the roof, which gives you a shelter and protects you from rain, heat and cold. However, given the lack of reaching space, the roofs are at a greater risk of animal infestations. Animals such as squirrels, skunks and raccoons frequently hide in the corners of the roof and make holes to get in to the house through the ceiling. Once your roof has been damaged, it can be very costly when undertaking the repairs for the same. Hence, it is important that you contact experts in wildlife removal who will be able to help you out appropriately.

Some of the tips you can follow for controlling the pest attacks on your home include:

Cleaning the roof on a regular basis: The first task that you should consider doing is undertaking regular cleaning operations for your roof. Along with the roof, you should also clean all of the gutters and the chimney holes as and when required. During the rainy season, it is most likely that the sitting water will be a possible breeding ground for pests and insects at large. Such cleanings when undertaken on a timely basis can help to keep wild animals away from your house.

Conduct checks of the unused spaces: There are numerous areas of the house which we barely access on a day-to-day basis. These areas mostly include the attic, the storeroom and the rooftop. If you conduct regular checks of these areas, it is most likely that you will be able to catch the wild animals lurking by earlier than you normally would have.

Cover all of the opening & holes in your house: When you are inspecting your house for the repairs, you must make sure to cover any of the openings that you can find. Usually, these openings and holes will be visible when you check your roof and the surrounding yard.

Prune the trees surrounding your house: The wild animals such as raccoons and squirrels usually find a way to enter your house through the branches of the nearby trees that are very close to your rooftop. Therefore, it can be useful to undertake frequent pruning services to ensure that the animals do not have a way to reach the rooftop.