Humane, safe and effective wildlife removal in the Waterloo region

Whether you are looking for wildlife removal in your residential space or commercial workplace, we have a professional animal control solution to help you out. We have a team of professional removal experts who are well-equipped to handle a wide-range of animal/pest problems such as raccoons in your room or frequent infestations of rodents like rats and squirrels.

Change of Seasons

With the change in seasons, one also sees a change in the habitat of animals. Animals such as squirrels, mice and rats might try to sneak into your home during such seasonal changes. These animals might be trying to sneak into your home in order to look for food, shelter or a breeding ground for their young ones.

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Protection of animals

We practice a safe method of wildlife removal, helping to ensure that the animals are protected. We educate clients about the preventive measures that they might make use of and not harm the animals while trying to get rid of them.

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Animal-friendly services

Our team is compassionate towards the animals on site. The encroaching animals are removed safely and are treated in a humane manner. We follow proper safety measures and have a safety protocol that we abide by.

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We specialize in the removal of animals such as rodents and raccoons. We also specialize in the removal of skunks, bats, and birds. Call us today for a consultation.

Why choose us

Compassionate Procedures

We do not believe in harming any animals and hence have an approach that is environment-friendly as well as animal-friendly. Our services are humane and we simply focus on removing and rehabilitating these animals in their natural habitats. During the job, there is no harm done to the animals.

Effective Methods

The solutions we employ are known to be 100% effective. We have a range of different procedures which are customized for the type of infestation at the client sites. We abide by all of the local laws when it comes to maintaining the safety of the animals.

We also make sure to give focus to the development of natural surroundings as an alternative space for the rodents and raccoons to live and be dependent on. This can significantly reduce the infestations by these animals/pests and birds.

What threats are one prone to?

  • The animals are known to introduce diseases in the human environments
  • They also contaminate food items in their vicinity
  • These animals also produce a lot of litter/waste
  • They could lead to hazardous living/working conditions
  • The infestations could also hamper one’s business image

In a semi-urban area, wildlife invasion can be very dangerous because the animals might be afraid and become aggressive in the process. If you are facing attacks by squirrels, raccoons, skunks or rodents, give a call to our experienced wildlife professionals and we will help you with the wildlife control and removal. We have been serving the Waterloo region effectively and we also offer the same-day response in case of emergencies.

Why Waterloo Wildlife?

Safe & Efficient Wildlife Removal